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①Takayama-old town about 60 km from Gero Onsen

The center of the castle town, Kamimachi, which has developed as a merchant town, and the Sansui township of the downtown town are called” old towns “. Under the eaves of glaciers, water flows, and in the sake brewery, the sake brethren made with cedar leaf, which is said to be a signboard, fall, and the houses of Oto and the long-established bricks are falling.
12 minutes walk from JR Takayama Station


②World Heritage-Shirakawago About 99 km from Gero Onsen

The Ogimachi area of Shirakawa-go is known for its Gassho-built village. Villages with unique landscapes are evaluated and selected as important traditional buildings preservation area in 1976. In 1995, together with Gokayama (Aikura and Suganuma areas) as Shirakawa-go, Gokayama and Goshasan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Cultural heritage) is registered. Shirakawago Tourism Association Website


③Shin Hotaka Ropeway About 99 km from Gero Onsen

Opened in July in 1970 (Showa 45). It is Japan’s first two-story ropeway.
You can enjoy an aerial walk. The sights of Mount Ashigatake, Mount Ashigatake, Nishihotakadake, Yakedake, etc. are in sight.
Line 1 (Nihotaka Onsen Station – Nabehira Kogen Station) Total length: 573 m Height difference: 188 m
Line 2 (Shirakabahira Station-Nishiho Takaguchi Station) Length: 2,598 m Height difference: 848 m Shinhotaka Ropeway official website


④Kurobe Dam About 230 km from Gero Onsen

“It is one of Japan’s leading dams, and was built by Kansai Electric Power to secure water for power generation. The height of the dam (bank height) is 186m and boasts the highest in Japan, with a total water storage capacity of approximately 200 million tons, and forms one of the most beautiful lakes in Japan, Kurobe Lake, in the Hokuriku region. The total cost is 51.3 billion yen at the time of construction. The total number of workers exceeded 10 million. Water discharge from the Kurobe Dam is limited to the late June to the middle of October. It is misty when discharging water from the dam to the river.
Kurobe Dam Official Site


⑤Kamikochi 100km from Gero Onsen

It is a scenic spot upstream of the Kamogawa River in the southern part of the Hida Mountains in western Nagano Prefecture. It is included in the Matsumoto city area, and is part of the Chubu Mountains National Park, and is designated as a national cultural asset (special scenic spot, special natural monument). Kamikochi has a hot spring and is also a mountain climbing base for Hotaka Mountain Range and Mt. Kamikochi official site


⑥It is approximately 115km from 6 square Shiho plateau Gero hot spring

A plateau located on the southern east side of the Hida Mountains (North Alps). Touristic use is abundant, and many tourists come for summer vacations, summer summers, mountain climbing from summer to autumn, and skis for winter. Besides hot spring water from other places (Yukawa source), there is a “Kukamura Orimu Kogen” at an altitude of 1600m.
It is rich in nature and inhabited by diverse animals and plants. If you are lucky, you can see the special natural monument antelope.


⑦National Treasure Matsumoto Castle About 145 km from Gero Onsen

It is a castle that was located in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, and it is one of the four national treasure castles along with Himeji Castle, Hikone Castle, and Inuyama Castle. Currently, buildings such as the Tenshu group are extant, and the castle ruins are designated as national historical sites. Before it was called a castle, it was called Fushijo Castle, and it has been called by the citizens aka Castle.
It is one of the castle walls with tenements built from the late Azuchi Momoyama period to the Edo period, which are 12 units in Japan. Heavenly Guards are designated as national treasures.


⑧Toki Premium Outlets About 95 km from Gero Onsen

A facility with the image of the beautiful city of Colorado, housed in the majestic Rocky Mountains, worthy of this scenic and scenic location, contains about 180 shops. It is a spot that you can enjoy it all day long and enjoy the resort feeling combined with the surrounding landscape. It is the largest area in the country’s outlet malls. Toki premium outlet official site


⑨Nagoya Castle About 132 km from Gero Onsen

Nagoya Castle is counted among the three famous castles of Japan, along with Himeji Castle and Kumamoto Castle, and it is sung in the Ise Ondo saying, “Ise holds at Tsu, Tsu holds at Ise, Owari Nagoya holds at the castle”. The gold casket (Kinko) raised by the great tower is not only a castle but also a symbol of Nagoya town. A part of the large and small castles and shrines and palaces have been in existence until the early Showa era, but the group of castles and palaces were destroyed by the Nagoya Great Air Raid (1945), and the castle towers were restored after the war. ing. Nagoya Castle Official Website


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