Gero Onsen Street


① 2 minutes walk from the town gallery Sanpo Road Yudaku

There is a gallery “Sanpo Road” near the hotel. About 900 works submitted for the Gero Onsen Picture Letter Contest and pressed flower works are on display. Picture letter experience with teacher’s instruction is held on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday of every month, and the pressed flower experience is held on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, and each time is from 9 am to 12 am. (Experience fee is 300 yen for both) You can freely draw picture letters in the library except during the experience class. (free)


②1 minute walk from ①foot baths

It’s only 3 minutes from our hotel, and this is the” Sakai no Sato “that was first made in Gero Onsen. About 700 years ago, it was named after a white coral legend that one white rabbit came down and informed the villagers of the hot spring location. It is a popular footbath that is always used by someone with its location just next to the central parking lot, while a simple footbath with a wooden bathtub and a rain protection attached to the bench.

Bathing: 24 hours available Fee: Free / Regular holiday: None


③ Gero Onsen Museum 1 minute walk from ②

It is a museum with a hot spring theme. It is a facility for you to know more about hot springs through the exhibits and experience section such as “Science of Hot Springs” and “Culture of Hot Springs”. Materials about hot spring are widely collected and displayed not limited to Gero, and healing corners such as “foot bath” and “walking bath” are also attached. It is a hot spring fan long-awaited facility.


④ 1 minute walk from the frog shrine ③

It’s “Gero Onsen, Kae’s Shrine”. Newly born in the center of the spa town. We are praying for your safety. By the way, Gero Onsen Gassho Village is home to one more “Fresh Shrine”. Please come and see.


⑤Onsen-ji Temple 10 minutes on foot (Chilling stairs 173 steps)

The precincts of the Onsen-ji Temple are located at 173 steps of stone steps up from Jizodo. You can see the city of Gero from there by going through the Yamamon gate and entering the area. The tranquility of the hills and the peaceful scenery make it a relaxing place to relax between sightseeing spots. Also, on the 13th of every month, we have a reception where everyone can participate for free. Please feel free to join us.


⑥mins footbath 2 minutes on foot

A foot bath built at the entrance to the public bath” Shiroi no Yu “with a striking European-style building. It is popular among women’s groups and families because the white Venus statue is a unique landmark that allows you to take a bath while taking a look at the goddess statue.

Bathing: 24 hours available

Fee: Free / Regular holiday: None


⑦minutes from footbath ⑥ minutes 2 minutes on foot

A foot bath located in the center of the hot spring area,” Ryokan Kaikan “1F on the Shirakaba Bridge. You can feel free to experience the hot spring, and there are also shops and cafes that display and sell craft works by local artists. In addition, please soak in footbath and taste Gero’s famous sweets “Hotball Soft Ice” and “Honwaka pudding”.

Bathing: 24 hours available Fee: Free / Closed: Wednesday


⑧1 a minute walk from ⑧ Lin Lu Mountain statue ⑦

Lin Lushan was a scholar who served in Tokugawa Ieyasu in the early Edo period and also served as an educator for the third generation General Iemitsu. In his poetry book, “The Lin Shan Poem Collection 3, The South-West Journal,” “Japan has many hot springs in various states. The most remarkable ones are Arima in Settsu, Kusatsu in Joshu, Yushima in Hida (Gero), and these three places. ”Furthermore,” Now Arima and Kusatsu are widely known places in the world. Yujima is said to be an ancient holy hot spring, and even though there is little to know in the distance, those who enter hot water have never had the experience.


⑨fire fountain pond 5 minutes on foot

There is a mixed open-air bath on the riverbed of Hida River surrounded by a hot spring town. Hot and slippery hot water flows in from the source. The feeling of openness is outstanding. From February 1, 2010, both men and women will be required to wear a bathing suit.

Bathing: 24 hours available Fee: Free / regular holiday: none


⑩1minute walk from ⑩ Kur Garden open-air bath and Kawahara ⑨

An open-air bath by the riverside of Hida River, just beyond the hotel. You can take a bath while listening to the Hida River sermons of Hida River. You can enjoy six types of hot spring baths, including hot water, sanshin hot water, box steaming and lather end bath. You can enjoy the scenery on both sides of Gero Onsen on the maintained Kawahara walk way.


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