Gero Onsen Nearby Sightseeing Spots



① Gero Onsen Gasmo Village 8 minutes by car

The Hida Shirakawa-go’s Gaspal House, which has become a World Heritage Site, has been relocated since 1959, and now has about 10 Goseho Villages. There are also former Oto family homes (national designated important cultural property), etc., which were built over 13 years, which is one of the largest among the existing consortial houses.

Charges, regular holidays, event information: Gero Onsen Gasshomura


②Gero Onsen morning market about 8 minutes

Ideyu Asaichi” held under the entrance to “Gero Onsen Gassho Village” in Gero Onsen. Local specialty products such as local sake, tomato juice, pickles and handicrafts, as well as Japanese miscellaneous goods and antique shops are lined up. Although the size of the morning market is small, you can enjoy leisurely shopping while enjoying the story with the local uncle and aunt. ※ Every April to November

From 8 am to 12 am Charge: Free admission Parking lot: 20 cars (free)


③Gero Furusato History Memorial Hall-Jomon Park Car about 15 minutes

In addition to relics from the Jomon period to the Yayoi period hundreds of stone instruments, pottery, etc. excavated in five years from 1941 to 45, the hometown of the history museum includes the end of Gero, such as the Australian merchant Hidaya Kubei. In Jomon Park, two Jomon period pit houses and one Yayoi house have been restored, and in the preservation hall of one of the parks, there is a residence. The condition of the rattan is preserved as it was at that time.

Opening hours: 9:00 to 17:00 Fees: Free / Closed: Mondays


④Jomon Bridge-Superb View Spot About 15 minutes

Jomon Bridge, which connects Gero Onsen Gassho Village from the Furusato History Museum, was completed in 1998 as a pedestrian bridge. The bridge is located a little away from the hot spring area, and it is located on a hill, but it is ideal for a walk course combined with the Gassho Village and the Furusato History Museum. The bridge is 190 meters long and 37 meters high, with a view of the spa from the bridge. It is popular as a view spot that overlooks the night view of the glittering hot spring town at night.


⑤Zenshouji 15 minutes by car

It is said that it was founded in the Heian period. The building that conveys the style of the Chinese Rong Dynasty boasts a dignity as “the famous temple of the world (famous temple)”. In the precincts, there are many temple treasures such as the famous garden “Bang Zai-dong”, tea room, and a large-scale statue of Sesshu brush writing that Kanamori Soukazu lands, Osugi of the country-designated natural monument that counts 1200 years of age. There are also many attractions, such as plums related to potter’s hands. If you make a reservation, you can also experience a sitting experience.


⑥Takami Farm (blueberry hunting) About 15 minutes by car

Tagami Farm, where you can enjoy blueberry picking. Because you are cultivating with care without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers, you can immediately enjoy freshly picked blueberries on the spot.

Opening period: late June to mid October Opening hours: 9 am to 5 pm
Tagami Farm-Picking status
Rain pickers are available, parking is available, and takeaway costs may apply.


⑦mix Kawakami health farm 30 minutes by car

The most beautiful village in Japan in October 2007″ Green and green of the river, Gero city Maze (Maze) located at the northern end of the area (Kare), the most natural rich It is located in a completely organic chemical and uses organic fertilizer.Blueberry is located in a high temperature area of 775m above sea level, and the difference in temperature between day and night is great, so the blueberry with a good balance of sweetness and acidity enjoy receive.

Period: Open from mid-July to mid-September


⑧Tamaryu Temple (Momiji Temple) about 40 minutes

Kanamori Nagakushi, who was the Hida country lord in the early Edo period, is reviving, and a monument of Ms. Kanemori is built. It is also known as “Momiji Temple” because five types of maple, which exceeds 100, dye the ground red in autumn. Therefore, many tourists come from inside and outside the prefecture during the fall fall season


⑨Gandate (natural monument) about 45 minutes by car

The strictness that shows rough mountain surface along the strict Gorge was formed by the massive eruption of Mt. Ontake about 54,000 years ago. It is a large rock wall of 72m high and 120m wide, and a natural monument designated by the prefecture. I fell in love with the fall of 1999. There is a waterfall trail 600 meters from the park on the other side of the river, and the “Mitsu Waterfall” is a highlight.


⑩Takimi Promenade-“Mitsu Waterfall” about 45 minutes by car

The Takimi promenade is maintained in the park, and on the way, you can see” Mitsu Waterfall “(upper 6m, middle 11m, lower 5m) close up and thrilling! There are a lot of negative ions near the waterfall and it’s very cool and refreshing.

If you go further about 2 km on the forest road, you will find Akane and Tono Waterfalls and Karatoni Waterfalls. Fresh green leaves are also recommended.


⑪cars about 45 minutes Alcopia sunflower

We will open “Alcopia Sunflower Garden” as a summer season event for “Hidayama Snow Resort Alcopia” in Hida Takayama. The area is 1.4ha, and about 200,000 sunflowers dye the entire slope yellow. We are planning to hold events such as a sketch contest, a photo contest, jumbo bubbles, bazaars and product sales. For details such as the holding time, go to the Hado-Tomogengo Kuu Tourism Association website


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