2018 Aug To whom will take JR to Gero from Nagoya

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Due to JR railway restoration work, Express trains between Nagoya to Gero have been stopped until 10 of Aug 2018. (11 of Aug 2018 will be back to normal)
To whom will take JR to Gero from Nagoya, we strongly recommend, you to take GERO ONSEN SHUTTLE BUS to Gero from Nagoya
Details for GERO ONSEN SHUTTLE BUS (between Nagoya and Gero)
Reservation phone no. 下呂温泉旅館協同組合 TEL:0576-25-2541
We also can help you to book a shuffle bus from Nagoya to Gero
 (Need to book in advance! And only can book within 60 days)
Roundtrip: 3,700yen/person
Oneway: 2,800yen/person
If your booking is over 60days before check-in,
Need to mail us again to confirm your Onsen bus booking within 60 days.
otherwise, we are not able to book it for you
Nagoya(14:00)- Gero Onsen(16:30)
Gero Onsen(10:30)- Nagoya(13:00)
Please Let me know if you need us to make a booking for you (Roundtrip or Oneway))
We have a free shuttle bus from Gero onsen bus stop (16:30) to our hotel(3mins bus) (need to book in advance)
Please pay the bus fee at our Hotel
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